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Firefox 5 heading your way

by Navin Maini on 20 June 2011, 14:38

Tags: Mozilla

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Mozilla is seemingly ramping-up its development schedule, amidst suggestions that Firefox 5 will officially launch tomorrow.



There aren't expected to be any GUI enhancements over what we saw in Firefox 4, but it's said that - as expected - the latest iteration will focus on bug-fixes and deliver improved performance and stability. Adding to features such as a built-in PDF reader, there's also improved HTML 5 support and a Do-Not-Track option - disabling the ability for advertisers to track browsing habits.

Word also has it that Mozilla is aiming to keep up with Google's ravenous development pace, meaning that Firefox may reach the heady heights of version 8, in time for Christmas.

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Let's hope they've fixed firefox back to the way it should be. I've had nothing but trouble from firefox 4, one of the worst browsers I've had…:puke:
It seems like most of the world's most respected software developers have forgotten how to properly version number their software, these days.

<major release>.<minor release>.<revision release>

A handful of bug fixes is not a major release. It arguably wouldn't even be a minor release if they weren't adding a those couple of new features.

FF4 is donkey doo :(
Yay!! A version number epeni contest!! Because that's going to improve software quality!
I just hope they fix font rendering. I can't bear to use FF4 on a large screen, although it seems OK on smaller ones.