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Apple hints at Lion OS X

by Sarah Griffiths on 14 October 2010, 13:13

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Apple has sent out teaser invites to journalists suggesting the new version of OS X could be revealed at its next major event, while a report has found that 10 percent of US PCs now run on the Mac OS.

The invite gracing journos' inboxes shows a picture of a lion partially hidden behind the Apple logo, suggesting that Apple will probably unleash the next version of its Mac OS, 10.7 Lion at the event, which will take place on 20 October, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Some commentators believe Apple will launch a whole new range of Mac computers too at the event, which slogan is ‘Back to Mac' according to the invite. In particular, many fanboys are crossing their fingers that Apple might unveil its new super-skinny MacBook Air model. Some people also predict the company will lift the lid on versions of iWork and iLife.

While Apple fans will probably not be able to get hold of the new version of OS X until summer of next year, many believe Apple will also take the chance of promoting it further including specific details at its Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June 2011.

Meanwhile, new figures from Gartner have shown that Mac sales in the US could be experiencing a halo effect, perhaps due to the success of its iPad tablet.

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Will be interesting to see what they have planned for 10.7, not been any major changes really sicne 10.5 (10.6 being more of a fine-tune of 10.5 really).
My guess is they might have a workable API for using a graphics card?

I'm amazingly shocked that Safari had hardware acceleration first on windows, rather than OSX, how can the average joe developer do it, when Apple with access to all the undocumented APIs (which are all too often required) can't do it.
So, let me get this right, they are releasing what is essentially a service pack and it requires some sort of media hype?
Trig;1991451']So, let me get this right, they are releasing what is essentially a service pack and it requires some sort of media hype?

Yeap thats about right and they always seem to charge a fee for these updates as well.

Can you imagine the uproar if Microsoft decided to release their service packs like this?
So Microsoft get massive slagging off because they sell windows at an expensive price when all future updates are free… an OS at ~Ā£100 vs paying X amount every so often.

Wow thats pretty one sided. Typical apple though, shame not many actually adopt their systems still.