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New betas of Firefox and Chrome now available

by Pete Mason on 12 August 2010, 16:52

Tags: Chrome, Firefox, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Mozilla

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Today is a good day for browser fans who like to live on the cutting edge.  Not only has Mozilla released Firefox 4 beta 3, but Google has launched the first beta of Chrome v6.


Unfortunately for Mozilla fans, there aren't too many ground-breaking changes compared to last month's beta 2.  On top of some bug-fixes, stability improvements and some tweaks to the JavaScript engine, the biggest change is the fact that this release is available in 34 languages.  While the ability to receive 'touch events' from within Windows 7 has the potential to be quite interesting, the general lack of touch-screens in wider use may limit its utility for the time being.  A full list of the changes over previous releases is available from the Firefox 4b3 page along with a download link.

Shiny and new

As the first beta of Chrome 6 - following several development releases - there are several interesting changes over version 5.  Google are touting Autofill as the big new feature, which allows the browser to automatically fill details into web-forms, including a name, address and, if you want, credit card numbers.  While this is quite a basic feature, Chrome's ability to store several different addresses is potentially very useful.  Autofill data, along with extensions, can also be synced to the cloud - along with bookmarks and preferences -  and accessed from wherever you're logging into the browser.

Of course, a new browser is no good if it doesn't come with a significant speed-boost.  Google are promising major changes to the rendering engine that should give a 15 per cent improvement in both V8 and SunSpider benchmarks, as well as a 64 per cent increase in Dromeao DOM Core tests.  All of this is capped off with a minor facelift that should make the Chrome interface a little simpler to use.

For those interested, beta releases of both browsers are available now from their respective websites.  If you decide to give them a go, why not let us know what you think of the changes in the HEXUS.community.

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Is it just me, or does the address bar in FF 4b3 not update when you navigate to a different page? It's quite annoying when wanting to link stuff :wallbash:
Yep happens to me as well, it's really annoying. b2 does the same as well, only b1 does it correctly.
Thanks for the link,Downloading both.
I use Chrome as my main browser but i also use firefox as a backup
I use Chrome as my main browser but i also use firefox as a backup

Why? Incase Skynet renders Chrome useless?
Well I use FF as main browser and IE/Opera/Chrome as backups. Meaning they come in useful when looking up train tickets or something, where the site's cookies or something mean I can only look up one journey at a time from a single browser. I want to look up several combinations of journeys due to the ridiculous train booking system frequently not giving the cheapest journey unless you use a combination of single and return journeys to and from the stations you would change at.