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Amazon shows off Kindle for Tablet ahead of Apple iPad launch

by Parm Mann on 22 March 2010, 09:48

Tags: Kindle reader, iPad, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Just days after the introduction of its first Kindle for Mac application, US retailer Amazon has provided a first look at its upcoming Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers.

The device-specific applications, thought to be made available in the coming weeks, are being shown with a specific focus on the Apple iPad.

The Kindle App for iPad, pictured above, will feature a redesigned user experience revolving around a new home screen that lists books on a back drop designed to alter based on the time of day.

In the above pictured example, the sun will rise and set in real time.

Hoping to embrace the iPad's fluid user interface, Amazon has also tailored the feel of its tablet application, stating that it has adopted the iPad's page-turn animation. Users who prefer a simpler reading experience should note that the app will provide the option to revert to "Basic Reading" mode.

Perhaps suggesting that the iPad's backlit display won't be quite as comfortable as its own e-ink Kindle readers, Amazon's tablet app will also offer the added ability to "customise background colour and font size to ease eye strain".

Although a confirmed release date for the tablet-specific Kindle App remains unknown, Amazon is said to be one of many working furiously to ensure its application is present on the iTunes store for April 3rd, the day on which the first US iPad deliveries will be made.

According to The New York Times, Amazon competitor Barnes & Noble is gearing up to introduce its own competition in the form of a rival application. According to the site's sources, 14 Barnes & Noble developers have been working in a "windowless room since January" in an attempt to completely redesign its reader application for the iPad.

Apple has thus far remained coy in regards to which new applications will be available for the iPad on launch day, but the huge success of the App Store suggests numerous high profile apps will be forthcoming.

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Amazon's tablet app will also offer the added ability to “customise background colour and font size to ease eye strain”.
which is more than the PC app currently offers ! It doesn't even let you scroll line by line…only page by page :(
Basically looks like a 5 minute VB app.