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Amazon launches Kindle for Mac

by Parm Mann on 18 March 2010, 10:56

Tags: Kindle reader, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)

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Almost six months after the equivalent PC release, Amazon has today made available its Kindle for Mac application.

The long-awaited freeware app, available to download at, allows Mac users to purchase and read titles from the extensive Kindle ebook store.

As with Kindle for PC, the Mac version makes use of Amazon's Whispersync technology to automatically save and synchronise bookmarks across multiple devices - ensuring you can pick up where you left on a variety of devices.

With another platform added to its library, Amazon is keen to point out that Kindle books can be read on its dedicated Kindle readers - including the Kindle and Kindle DX - as well as a variety of third-party hardware devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerrys, PCs and Macs. Support for Apple's imminent iPad is coming "soon".

Kindle for Mac currently supports Intel-based Mac computers equipped with OS X 10.5 and above. Looking ahead, Amazon adds that future revisions of the software will add support for full text search and the ability to create and edit notes.

Press release: Introducing "Kindle for Mac" -- the Free Application for Reading Kindle Books on the Mac, Now Available in over 100 Countries

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Not owning a kindle (yet) I installed the PC kindle app and downloaded a few free books.

Not impressed with the app, as it doesn't even have the option of smooth scrolling line by line.
I.e. is worse than reading in a web browser or text editor !

Of course the kindle itself is a reading device, but the PC app would/should open up an entirely different market.