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Pricing leaked for Microsoft's rumoured Windows 7 Family Pack?

by Parm Mann on 9 July 2009, 14:49

Tags: Windows 7, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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This time last week, a close examination of the Windows 7 software license terms revealed that Microsoft's forthcoming operating system could be offered as a Family Pack, providing consumers with a three-system license.

Sounds like a logical step forward, and though we've still no confirmation of the product from Microsoft, the Windows 7 Family Pack has begun to crop up at certain online retailers.

eCOST.com, a US-based retailer, currently lists the product with manufacturer code GFC-00236. According to the listing, the three-license Family Pack will be priced at $144.99.

Should the pricing prove accurate, the Windows 7 Family Pack will provide home consumers with a cheaper method of getting Windows 7 on multiple systems.

Microsoft announced late last month that US customers would be paying $119.99 for a single copy of Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade. We've got to take the Family Pack's above-listed price with a pinch of salt, but an additional $25 for two extra home-user licenses sounds very promising.

We've yet to see any UK listings, but we've still got our fingers crossed for a £99.99 Family Pack.

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Searching google for the MS part number brings up a number of results, some at a similar price (one even lower at $138!). Unless it's a bad distributor with sites automatically loading the product up, I'd say it's got a good chance of being accurate!
I'm pretty sure they did this for Vista too didn't they, but it was only an introductory offer and was available only in the US :(
Some good pricing - just beware of eCost.com. They often have good prices, but have horrible service and if you have any problem, you are stuck. Try NewEgg or or other reputable online retailer, just not eCost.
So, well done to all those last week who speculated that MS would charge 3 times the early pre-issue discounted price of $49.99 for the 3 user Family Pack.
On this basis the EU 3 user Family Pack would be 3 times £49.99, or £149.99 in MS land, all be it for the “Full” version, without IE, instead of an upgrade.
If it hits the £99.99 then thats actually very tempting…. Why on earth they didn't announce this when they announced the prices weeks ago is beyond me…. All they did was create a totally unnecessary storm in a tea cup and have people questioning their business sense.

Its like M$ are run by a bunch of greedy incompetents who only respond to getting bicth slapped in the media… rather than a company that knows what its product is and has a clear and concise stratergy on how to get it to market, and the ability to persuade customers to buy it.