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PDC '08: Microsoft outlines Windows 7 software certification requirements

by Parm Mann on 27 October 2008, 11:12

Tags: Windows 7, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) gets underway later this evening, and it's an event that will unveil Windows 7 to the world.

For software developers, there's a bit of pre-PDC information and it comes in the form of Microsoft's "Technical Requirements for the Windows 7 Software Logo Program for Client Operating Systems".

In other words, Microsoft has published a document that outlines a set of requirements that need to be met if you'd like to have the "Certified for Windows 7" logo residing on your product.

The 10-page document can be download from, but the key points are as follows:

To obtain the logo the applicant must:

  1. Include business and technical owners for all submissions
  2. Opt in to receive communications from Microsoft about their products
  3. Include a copy and license of the software for compatibility testing purposes
  4. Along with Microsoft agree to a 30-90 day resolution policy for all issues identified in market with logo’d products
  5. Ensure the application adheres to all policies and passes all requirements in this document

The software must adhere to the following policies:

  1. Comply with Anti-spyware Coalition Guidelines
  2. Do not modify WRP protected resources
  3. Ensure ongoing quality

The software must meet the following requirements:

  1. Install and uninstall cleanly
  2. Install to the correct folders by default
  3. Support x64 versions of Windows
  4. Follow User Account Control (UAC) Guidelines
  5. Do not load Services and Drivers in Safe Mode
  6. Digitally Sign Files
  7. Do not prevent an installation or application from launching because of OS version checking
  8. Prevent unnecessary reboots
  9. Support multiuser sessions
  10. Minimise application failures

It's a self-explanatory list, but there's a few items worth noting and none more so than software requirement #4; support x64 versions of Windows. As with Windows Vista, every piece of software to carry the "Certified for Windows 7" logo must support 64-bit versions of the upcoming operating system.

It's worth noting, though, that Microsoft's document clearly states that the above are all pre-release requirements and the final list could alter.

In related news, Microsoft has also launched an official "Windows 7 blog for developers".

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It's a self-explanatory list, but there's a few items worth noting and none more so than software requirement #4; support x64 versions of Windows.

That's already a requirement for Vista.
Rather broad term - support 64 bit. Does that mean 64bit binaries though?
Otherwise I think we already conform (sweet)
As long as the Hardware certification requires x64 Compatibility with drivers, I'm happy.
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