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Asgard launches DDR5-4800 RAM for Intel Alder Lake platforms

by Mark Tyson on 23 February 2021, 10:11

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Little known Chinese manufacturer Asgard, AKA the Shenzhen Jiahe Jinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, has launched its first DDR5 memory module. The new memory module will feature 64GB capacity, is rated at DDR5-4800, and has a JEDEC standard operating voltage of 1.1V and 40-40-40 timings.

Rather than delve further into its Norse mythology history books for a product name, Asgard has seen fit to call its first DDR5 product the VMA5AUK-MMH224W3. You will also notice a lack of flair to the memory module design, it looks entirely basic and utilitarian with its sparsely populated green PCB – no heat-sinks, no RGBs, and perhaps it could have even made the module low-profile.

Chinese source site ITHome reports that the VMA5AUK-MMH224W3 is yet to be mass-produced, with Asgard holding fire until nearer the release window of the Intel Alder Lake-S processors (12th generation Intel Core processors) and the 600-series chipset motherboards.

As well as Alder Lake, Asgard told ITHome that its DDR5 memory modules would be supported by the Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP server processor, Intel Tiger Lake-U series (optimised version) mobile processors, AMD Van Gogh APUs (Zen 2, Navi 2), and AMD Rembrandt series APUs (Zen 3, Navi 2).

Another memory module maker that we know has made strides to address the DDR5 market is Team Group, which outlined its release plans for 2021 last December and later on reported that it had successfully entered the validation phase with the collaboration of major motherboard manufacturers. Additionally, in late January, it told us that it had successfully created DDR5 SO-DIMMs and was working with Intel and AMD to implement these.

In July 2020 HEXUS reported on JEDEC releasing the finalised spec for DDR5.

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Yes please, next build is gonna be DDR5 when it get to it anyway.
If you have to ask , it is out of your range!
And…….. I've only just switched to DDR4!
I'm most excited about it having ECC. Intel has been preventing ECC's adoption in consumer computers for years.

It wouldn't surprise me if they stopped blocking it in July last year in the hopes they can use it in marketing when/if they're first to market.
And…….. I've only just switched to DDR4!
affordable DDR5 is 2 years away. It will be ££££££££ on launch