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Logitech releases quartet of high-definition webcams

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 June 2010, 09:49

Tags: Logitech HD Pro C910, Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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With most manufacturers fervently banging on the HD drum, Logitech is looking to invigorate the webcam market by releasing four high-definition webcams.


The range is headed by the impressively specified HD Pro Webcam 910, set to retail at £89.99, and can grab 10MP snaps. The 25mm-deep C910 records at a full 1080p (1,920x1,080-pixel resolution) and is able to make two-way video calls at 720p through Logitech's Vid HD software.


Equipped with stereo mics - one each side of the webcam - and a Carl Zeiss glass, the C910 certainly packs a bunch. Be warned, however, that for 720p video calling and 1080p recording you'll need a 1Mbps Internet connection, which may prove rather expensive if consumed via mobile broadband.


The lesser-specified C510, pictured below, ships with a more-palatable SRP price of £44.99. The single-mic C510 is also endowed with 720p video calling and recording and can grab stills at an 8MP resolution. What's more, it has a 360-degree swivel system for easy access to the lens.



Stepping down the pricing ladder brings the C310 into focus. Offered for a tenner less than the C510, still-image shots are limited to 5MP. As per the C510 and C910, the £34.99 webcam has a one-click upload to Facebook and YouTube.



The runt of the HD litter is the C270. We're impressed that it keeps the 720p recording and conferencing abilities of its siblings, but, at £25, maximum still-image size is 3MP.


Logitech's quartet of new HD webcams ship without built-in hardware-based encoding, though, so no Skype HD certification and, looking towards mobile usage, potential processing problems on low-end laptops and netbooks. We'll look to have one in for review soon.

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I'm wondering how much of a difference there is between QuickCam Pro 9000 and C910.

Skype HD calls are very random i.e. high quality star icon doesn't appear too often.. :embarrassed:

To use this webcam to its full potential, you will need a computer with muscles. On our Dual Core AMD X2 3.0 Ghz, it was choking a little sometimes. On a faster machine, things went smoothly. Logitech's driver seems to use multi-core fairly well, so a Quad-core will perform better with video chat. A 1Mbps of upload bandwidth is also recommended, although won't doesn't hurt (we had 2Mbps in upload speed during the test).