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VESA unveils DisplayPort 1.2

by Parm Mann on 18 January 2010, 15:04

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We were expecting to see this one announced at CES earlier this month, but better late than never, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has today officially unveiled version 1.2 of the DisplayPort interface.

Described as "the industry's most innovative and flexible digital communication interface standard for transporting display, audio and other data," DisplayPort 1.2 offers a massive 21.6Gbps transfer rate - double the 10.8Gbps limit of DisplayPort 1.1a.

That surge in available bandwidth has opened up the interface to a whole new spectrum of uses. DisplayPort 1.2 now supports "multi-streaming", a feature that allows it to transport multiple display and audio streams over a single cable. For the consumer, the technology essentially facilitates multiple monitors with a single cable - with VESA confirming that a single DisplayPort 1.2 connection will happily power four monitors at 1,920x1,200.

As expected, the available bandwidth is open to other applications, too, including bi-directional data transfer, where a single DisplayPort cable is also able to carry USB 2.0 or Ethernet data. Though, a DisplayPort 1.2-enabled PC is required.

Just want to know what it'll mean for your primary display? Well, DisplayPort 1.2 will allow resolutions of up to 3,840x2,400 at 60Hz or a 120Hz 3D display at 2,560x1,600. Of course, the added bandwidth also ensures support for a multitude of high-def audio formats including Dolby HD and DTS HD.

With bolstered AV credentials, the royalty-free DisplayPort interface could now pose a bigger threat to the industry's de facto standard, HDMI.

Official press release: VESA Introduces DisplayPort v1.2, the Most Comprehensive and Innovative Display Interface Available

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Any idea how you would feed four monitors from one cable? a Simple passive splitter? daisy chaining? an active powered sliptter?
From the press release:
DisplayPort v1.2 supports “multi-streaming” – the ability to transport multiple independent uncompressed display and audio streams over a single cable, supporting protected content and high performance applications such as 3D gaming. This enables the use of multiple monitors connected by cable in a daisy chain or hub configuration.
I missed the PR link at the bottom. That is interesting, sounds like a pretty good interconnect, although it'll all be rendered pointless if Intel and Apple ahve their way.
I didn't even know there was a 1.1! I have DP on my laptop, I'll probably never use it.
It's a real shame this isn't / hasn't taken off so far. HDMI is such a poor quality adaptor - unsecure and runs into real problems carrying its signal on anything beyond short (<5m) runs…