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AOC expands P2 professional monitor portfolio with spacious trio

by Mark Tyson on 26 February 2021, 12:11

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AOC has launched a trio of new flat-screen monitors. This time around the display firm's latest offerings are aimed at professional users – targeting productivity focussed types in need to expansive displays (28-inches or larger), with fully adjustable stands with landscape/portrait pivot capabilities, and the convenience of a built-in 4-port USB hub. Moreover, the new P2 professional monitor trio all come with Adaptive Sync and stereo 3W speakers for added flexibility. Other common features are the presence of Low Blue Light mode, and Flicker-Free technology using DC brightness adjustment.


The AOC U32P2 is a 32-inch display with 3840 x 2160 pixels in a three sided frameless design. AOC says that this display uses a VA panel with wide viewing angles, 3000:1 contrast, and a wide gamut (119 per cent sRGB, 88 per cent AdobeRGB coverage). It can be used for occasional gaming with a reasonably fast response time of 4ms GtG and Adaptive Sync (max 75Hz) minimising stuttering and tearing issues.

AOC's U32P2 has a capable stand, as noted above, but it can be used with any other VESA 100 mount. If you stick with the supplied stand you can mount a mini-PC such as an Intel NUC directly to the stand behind your monitor thanks to the AOC VESA-P2 system. For inputs, you have two HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort 1.2.

The AOC U32P2 will be available from February 2021 at an RRP of £379.


This 32-incher is quite different to is relative, detailed above. Major differences include the use of a 10-bit IPS panel and the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Again it has wide viewing angles, and the gamut that can be reproduced on this monitor is 102 per cent sRGB, 75 per cent AdobeRGB. Like the monitor above, you have a 4ms response time and max refresh of 75Hz with Adaptive Sync to help smooth gaming. The stand, speakers, inputs, and so-on are all the same as with the U32P2.

The AOC Q32P2 will be available from February 2021 at an RRP of £269.


AOC's U28P2A is a 28-inch monitor and is based around an IPS panel. For colour reproduction, AOC quotes the panel's 120 per cent sRGB, 89 per cent AdobeRGB gamut. Again you have 4ms response, but the max frame rate here is a rather slow 60Hz with Adaptive Sync. The stand, speakers, inputs, and so-on are all the same as above with the U32P2/Q32P2.

The AOC U28P2A will be available from April 2021 at an RRP of £329.

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A “professional VA” monitor is an oxymoron.
A “professional VA” monitor is an oxymoron.

A few years ago I had a Samsung 900X laptop - that was VA and every bit as good as the IPS panels I'd seen.