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AOC releases pair of fast 31.5-inch G2 gaming monitors

by Mark Tyson on 27 November 2020, 10:41

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AOC has written to HEXUS about a pair of new curved gaming monitors that have been readied to join its G2 gaming range. The new CQ32G2SE and C32G2AE have quite a lot in common. They are both 31.5-inch monitors with 1500R curved VA panels, 48Hz to 165Hz refresh rates (compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium), with 1ms response time – but the former is a QHD monitor with 2560x1440 pixels, and the latter FHD with 1920 x 1080 pixels.

AOC has designed the CQ32G2SE and C32G2AE to deliver "faster, larger and more capable," gaming monitors to the mainstream. The QHD model is probably better suited if you had to pick one of these for gaming in 2020, but AOC would like to steer you towards the FHD C32G2AE if your budget restricts you or you are considering using a multi-monitor setup for a specialist gaming rig. The 3-sided borderless design and VESA mountable compatibility means they are a good choice for this immersive purpose.

Other features common to the CQ32G2SE and C32G2AE worth mentioning include the sturdy stand featuring built-in cable management, tilt adjustment (-3.5~21.5°), assembly without any tools, and twin 5W speakers in the monitor bezel. As well as standard modes such as Flicker-Free technology and Low Blue Light mode AOC has furnished these G2 series monitors with gaming niceties such as LFC (a part of FreeSync Premium actually), low input lag, six game modes, plus the G-Menu Windows software for fiddle-free monitor mode save/recall and the usual array of picture adjustments.

Both monitors also have the same low-ish max brightness of 250nits, but a decent static contrast ratio of 3000:1 thanks to the typically deep blacks of the VA type panel. The QHD model has a slightly worse colour gamut at 121 per cent sRGB compared to 123 per cent for the FHD model.

The AOC C32G2AE and CQ32G2SE will be available in Europe from November 2020 at an RRP of £249 and £329 respectively.

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