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Sapphire's 3D monitor suitable for ATI graphics cards

by Tarinder Sandhu on 3 June 2008, 17:10

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We pointed out Sapphire's extra-high-resolution monitor shenanigans here, but that wasn't the only interesting display on show.


The flash-ridden, fuzzy picture doesn't highlight the benefits of this as-yet-unnamed screen.

Similar to ZALMAN's NVIDIA-only effort, the screen simulates 3D action by the use of stereoscopic imaging.

The monitor uses two panes, one behind each other, that display a polarised image to each eye, fooling them into thinking that the display has 3D substance. One need to use polarised lenses to see the effect, and such a pair were modelled by Sapphire's very own Bill 'The Duke' Donnelly.


I wonder what's making him so happy? A 3D image of him sitting of a deserted island, mojito in hand and cellphone turned off, perhaps?

On a more serious note, additional DirectX and OpenGL drivers need to be compiled and amalgamated with the usual CATALYST software before the display can correctly render the stereoscopic image. Problem is, these need to be done on a per-application basis, and optimising for professional apps using the OpenGL API isn't proving to be easy, according to Sapphire.

Again, another proof of concept with no pricing or availability announced. We reckon the 22in, 1,680x1,050-capable monitor will ship, in Q3 2008, at around Ā£450, though.

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Thanks again Hexus.

Hope 3D does'nt take off too much though as have a squint and cannot see 3D.