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Samsung to launch 22in LCD monitor with unusual resolution

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 March 2008, 12:25

Tags: 2243BW, Samsung (005935.KS)

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Being one of the world's leading makers of LCD panels, Samsung is in an enviable position to tinker with monitor designs and to market special-edition models.

Take the 2243BW as an example. The 22in panel ships with an industry-standard 1,680x1,050 native resolution and isn't particularly remarkable in any way.

However, a closer look at the P-variant (2243BWP) - so new that it's not even in the catalogue - shows it to be packaged in the same shell and offering identical inputs – D-Sub, DVI, S-video – but with an unusual resolution that we've not seen before in a panel of this size.

Displaying natively at 2,048x1,152 pixels, the P-variant is designed to show two 1024px-wide pages side-by-side.

Samsung plans to ship the 2243BWP in Q2 this year, though it remains to be seen if this new resolution is adopted by the industry in general.

Carrying on the same theme, the also-widescreen 19in model increases resolution from the standard 1,440x900 to 1,680x1,050 pixels.

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Unusual, surprising they decided to put a 16:9 resolution in a 16:10 case, assuming the commentary is correct.
the article
shows it to be packaged in the same shell and offering identical outputs –

Don't you mean inputs? or have I missed something?
Wow, they're putting WSXGA+ in a 19“, and that weird resolution in a 22”. The only other odd monitor I can think off is Lenovo's 22“ WSXGA+. It's like having WUXGA on a 15.4” Laptop… oh wait… those do exist ;)
Sweet. Finally a flat panel that will stretch the capabilities of the top ens cards with out being massive in size.
I wonder what resolution you would get if you squeezed the same pixel density into a 24“ or 27” screen?

That could be a tempting upgrade from existing 24" screens.