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abit AN9-32X motherboard recall

by Steve Kerrison on 21 July 2006, 17:26

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abit has identified a potential issue with certain AN9-32X and Fatal1ty AN9-32X motherboards, prompting the company to recall them.

The problem is related to "heatsink component displacement due to accidental rough handling during shipments" leading to the possibility of overheating.

abit has decided that it's best to recall the affected products. If you're an AN9-32X owner, the following serial numbers are affected:

Fatal1ty AN9 32X:
FAN93UDC000001 ~ FAN93UDC002713
FAN93UDD000001 ~ FAN93UDD001648

AN9 32X:
AN932UDC000001 ~ AN932UDC001407
AN932UDD000001 ~ AN932UDD001000

That leaves the following unaffected:

Fatal1ty AN9 32X:
FAN93UDC002714 ~ FAN93UDC005422

AN9 32X:
AN932UDC001408 ~ AN932UDC002612

abit will cover shipping costs for anyone affected, and has apologised for any inconvenience to its customers and partners.

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hehe poor steves not masking his URL's any more after his last attempt:D
come on steve have faith in urself:P

unless that was the other steve…?