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Foxconn hold love-in with favourite platform bedfellows

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 7 June 2006, 04:07

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Foxconn hold love-in with favourite platform bedfellows

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Foxconn held a grand press conference yesterday to essentially slap the backs of themselves and their co-conspirators in the 'Tritium' project to bring their C51X2M2AA mainboard to market.

NVIDIA, AMD, Corsair and Dolby all made appearances on stage to say how great it was to work with the PC component giant as they take ever bigger steps into the retail and enthusiast market. The snappily-named M2AA is a high-end board based on NVIDIA's nForce 590 SLI core logic set, supporting AMD Socket AM2 processors and SLI Memory, an SPD extension designed with the help of Corsair and present on all their DDR2 memories.

NVIDIA's Drew 'I have even less hair than Rys!' Henry was definitely complimentary about his team's involvement in the project and wished Foxconn the best of luck in a market they're determined to completely own. And if the M2AA is anything to go by, ASUS et al have some serious sleepness nights to look forward to, as Hon Hai's golden company sweeps aside all before it.



"See, Rys? You're just playing at baldness".


Drew (front right) admires NVIDIA's latest core logic, but ponders packaging and cooling problems.


Can that inductor really be the secret to the M2AA's overclocking prowess?!

Being serious, Foxconn's partnership with NVIDIA and AMD is a strong one, and we expect both AMD and NVIDIA are happy to be working with the biggest growing force in PC components.


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