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ABIT back on track

by Steve Kerrison on 23 March 2006, 10:02

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...with a little help from USI.

On Monday ABIT and USI completed a transaction which saw the ABIT brand and assets transferred to a new joint venture company, called Universal ABIT Co. Ltd. The deal digs ABIT out of a bit of a financial hole, described by them in a press release as "the financial straits which began late Q4 2004."


The deal will not just keep the ABIT brand with us, but according to ABIT, allow them to diversify and expand their product range. USI, or Universal Scientific Industrial, is part of the ASE Group, the "world's largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and testing". ABIT says that the resource backing and support that USI can provide will help them roll out more products onto the market and increase their competitiveness.

It looks like Fatal1ty branding will stay with us (joy), and expect other new brands to pop up in the near future, as ABIT make good with their new lease of life.


HEXUS.pr :: ABIT's press release.

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So wait, these are boards which were used by enthusiasts, who know about the trouble Abit have had, who know it's not the same company anymore.

And they are meant to start buying them again as though nothing happened?
Depends on the boards, surely? In fact, if they're tied in with a GBFO semi manufacturer, surely that can only help them?
S who know it's not the same company anymore.
… but it is the same company, same staff just with more resources now.
Their latest AMD (can't speak for Intel) boards have all been good but obviously their speed to market & stockholding for new products had suffered over the last year or so (EPoX are going to go through a similar experience now that they are under investigation).
Opinion on the Abit forums is generally upbeat.