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ASRock adds to PCIe Gen3 debate

by Navin Maini on 15 September 2011, 16:45

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The race to boast PCIe Gen3 compatibility is seemingly heating up. The latest episode concluded in MSI making claims about Gigabyte's efforts, but ASRock is quite determined to make its own point.



In the flyer seen above, the company expresses its opinion that A*US and G*gabyte's claims of true PCIe Gen3 support aren't true, and that the first-to-market award should rightfully be theirs.

It all seems to centre around the requirement to use Gen3 Switch ICs, in order to derive the maximum potential of PCIe 3.0. As far as ASRock is concerned, some of its competitors aren't quite cutting the mustard, by using Gen2 Switch ICs instead.

The company announced its line-up of PCIe Gen3 boards back in July, and states that these have been available since July.

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:) That's way too funny. Nice work Asrock.
and when nvidia release the gtx890 and i decide to SLI them, then maybe i will actually need a gen3 board
Calm down dear, it's only a motherboard.
All a bit petty… Especially as Gigabyte and Asus have previews X79 boards with full PCIeG3 Support!

Also, I understood that ASRock are a subsidiary of Asus so what's with the sibling rivalry?

X79 with gen3 support is a bit moot since SB-E won't support Gen3, according to the latest rumours - and I'd be interested in how many people would put money on socket 2011 lasting more than 1 generation of processors, given Intel's recent trend. ;)

Plus you can't *currently* buy a CPU, chipset or graphics card that officially support PCIe gen3, so this is all just a bit of e-peen waving: by the time there are any other components available that support them I'm pretty sure we'll see most mobo manufacturers providing “genuine” gen3 support.

In fact, my biggest issue with this article is the title - I'm going to assume that the phrase “adds to” was being used sarcastically, since (as far as I can see) ASRock haven't added anything to any debate with this piece of propaganda…