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Intel Z68 chipset heads for May 8th debut?

by Navin Maini on 11 April 2011, 14:21

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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It was Gigabyte who used last month's CeBIT show to preview a mainboard solution powered by the upcoming Z68 chipset, and word now has it, that Intel's latest entrant will launch on May 8th.

The Z68 is of particular interest as it's headlined as an enhanced platform for Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture. It apparently builds upon the foundations of the P67/H67, improves overclocking functionality (and associated performance), plus adds to the overall feature set too.

An example of the expanded feature set - with the Z68 positioned most ardently at the high-end marketplace - is RST SSD caching support.

With Z68 billed as a natural companion for Sandy Bridge, rumour has it that solutions may be priced in the same ballpark as current offerings, yet this remains unsubstantiated.

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I don't understand what place this serves in the Market. To me it seems to replace the current range only.
I don't understand what place this serves in the Market. To me it seems to replace the current range only.

It's what the p67 should have been. The p67 is now effectively a cut-down part that'll help create budget gaming rigs.
seems completely pointless to me
i've got a P67 and couldn't be happier, what else does this bring to the table ?
RST SSD caching seems a bit pointless with SSD prices dropping so you can buy a drive and actually use it as a *gasp* drive!

I've got a 120gb SSD, used to install games to it but now install them to a RAID array instead as loading times are pretty identical

edit: jesus CHRIST tattysnuc your rig is ridiculous! hahaha
Surely the biggest addition is the fact you can overclock AND use the chips graphics for hardware acceleration
Its going to fit in quite nicely. I require over-clocking headroom on the processor but not so much graphics grunt so will make do with the on chip graphics. Hopefully it wont be too expensive. I am looking forward to having a play…..