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ASUS launches extravagant Intel X58 motherboard

by Navin Maini on 4 April 2011, 16:28

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ASUS has debuted the latest addition to its ROG line-up, with Intel's venerable X58 chipset powering the new Rampage III Black Edition motherboard.

Donning a sleek black colour scheme with a splash of red, it is touted as being packed with a plenitude of hardware and software based improvements, and as an evolution of ASUS' previous offering - the Rampage III Extreme.

Overclocking prowess is obviously something that ASUS is talking up here. The Rampage III Black Edition is kitted out with a digital VRM design, features such as ROG Connect for overclocking mastery and, interestingly, ROG iDirect which lets you use an iPhone or iPad to dabble to a certain extent, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

ASUS' ROG ThunderBolt expansion card is another selling point. Talked up as going all out to deliver exceptional LAN and audio performance, it uses a dedicated Network Processing Unit (NPU) from Bigfoot Networks - the Killer E2100 - and on the audio side of the equation, adopts XONAR audio technology and a built-in headphone amplifier to pump out the sound.

ASUS' Rampage III Black Edition is filtering through the channel and pricing, at the moment, appears to be from £380, including VAT.

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Yipes! That's seriously expensive. Seriously, how much more will this board overclock verses a “normal” RIIIE or RIIE even?
£380 and it still has two 1x PCIe slots :shocked2:
“ASUS' ROG ThunderBolt expansion card is another selling point.”

Maybe for Intel and Apple lawyers maybe? This has nothing to do with the new interconnect as I was hoping….. :Oops:
£380 and it still has two 1x PCIe slots :shocked2:

At least there are no PCI slots.
Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate old our of date crappy technology that blocks or restricts adoption of newer more useful technology due to a paranoid desire to keep backwards compatibility.
Wonder how many of these boards Asus actually will make. Love you know sales numbers for these high end boards.