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ASUS to bring SATA 6Gb/s performance to complete line of P55 boards

by Parm Mann on 28 August 2009, 15:01

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Whilst showing off an impressive line of motherboards based on Intel's upcoming P55 chipset at a press event in London earlier today, ASUS confirmed that it will offer support for SATA 6Gb/s on its complete P55 range via an optional plug-in card.

The card, pictured below, features a PLX8613 expansion bridge chip that can provide enough bandwidth to power two third-generation SATA ports. Trouble is, it'll be an optional extra and ASUS isn't yet ready to disclose pricing.

Users hoping to find SATA 6Gb/s performance implemented directly on a board are in luck, too. ASUS confirmed that the PEX PLX8613 expansion bridge chip will be integrated on its upcoming P7P55D Premium motherboard - providing it with two SATA 6G ports, as well as the standard six SATA 3G ports.

Why isn't the chip integrated onto all of ASUS' P55 boards? Well, we're told that it remains expensive to produce and the current lack of SATA 6G drives makes it something of a niche feature.

There's certainly a performance improvement to be had, though. ASUS' P7P55D Premium test bed, equipped with a Seagate ST3500410AS drive, scored a HD Tach Burst Speed of 281.5MB/s. Compared to a SATA 3G board - scoring 185.9MB/s - that's a notable boost.

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ASUS have already experimented this with their erm.. subsidiary .. ASROCK. On some of the new ASROCK motherboards, a SATA3 card is also being provided.
Im gonna hang on til USB3 and 6G SATA are on the same mobo, and for the price to fall a bit.
Are there even any 6G SATA drives available to buy in the UK yet?
I'm hoping that these expansion cards will become cheaper and more widely available as the SSD market adopts SATA 6G. Having just bought a new mobo I'm going to wait for a major overhaul untill SATA 6G and USB 3.0 are integrated as standard on most motherboards, or at least easily available via this style of add in cards.

SATA 6G is a neccessary step with the move towards SSDs though…
Yeah, they'll benefit future SSDs. But I am frankly not too bothered with burst speed.