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ASUS Marine Cool motherboard struts its stuff

by Parm Mann on 2 March 2009, 17:13

Tags: Motherboards, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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Seeing as ASUS' duo of promo shots managed to intrigue a number of readers, it was only fair for Team HEXUS to grab a couple more first-hand shots from CeBIT '09.

The good news is we've plenty of images to whet the appetite, the bad news is that CeBIT doesn't officially start until tomorrow - and ASUS' cordoned-off stand isn't welcoming questions at this early stage.

A few observations - we can confirm the board is making use of Intel's Socket LGA 775, so this isn't a high-end Core i7 platform.

Marine Cool's I/O plate offers nothing out of the ordinary, but it sure is purdy.

There's no shortage of boards at ASUS' booth - but this one warrants its own individual stand, it's far and away the sexiest of the lot.

Trouble is, we still can't make sense of it - and resident mobo expert Tarinder Sandhu reckons someone at ASUS simply went scuba diving and suddenly had a brain wave. ASUS with too much time on its hands, perhaps?

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