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Gaming laptop competition to grow fiercer later this year

by Mark Tyson on 10 June 2015, 13:21

Tags: MSI, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Acer (TPE:2353), Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Gigabyte (TPE:2376)

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Gaming laptop PC system makers are jostling for a bigger piece of this lucrative pie according to a report carried by Taiwan's DigiTimes. During the second half of the year gaming laptop competition will become fiercer with over 10 new models introduced, says the IT industry journal.

Supply chain sources indicate that the deluge of 15- to 17-inch gaming laptops will appear on the market in the second half of this year. These new models are tipped to be equipped with the latest Intel processors on board, particularly the firm's upcoming Skylake processors.

We have talked before about how gaming laptops are a choice product to develop in the present PC market. The PC gaming industry is said to be particularly vibrant and the subset of laptops tailored to appeal to gamers have experienced "continuous double-digit percentage shipment growth every year," says DigiTimes. Furthermore these usually mid-to-premium priced computers allow firms greater differentiation possibilities and improved price mark-ups.

Looking specifically at who will do what in H2 2015, DigiTimes says that ASUS, seeking to push past the dominant gaming laptop maker MSI, will launch four or five gaming laptops. Meanwhile both Gigabyte (Aorus) and Acer (Predator) models will be launched. At the same time we shouldn't expect HP, Lenovo and Dell (Alienware) to sit idly by, with new mobile processors and mobile GPUs emerging.

Gaming laptops just seem to be getting better all the time and MSI showed off its interesting new concept for the market with its Prestige line at Computex last week. These offer "gaming goodness without the bling." You can check out our video showing these sleek professional looking gaming laptops here.

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To be honest, I didn't get much out of the video on the MSI prestige. What is the screen size of that laptop? What do they mean by “bling”?
My laptop is over 5 years old, and starting to have some issues so I will be looking forward to what Q2 has to offer.
Bling is all those silly bells & whistles (lighting effects, go-faster stripes) brands like alienware add to make a laptop ‘gaming’ and not just a high-spec laptop. Not a fan myself, though presumbably someone out there likes it.
I hate all the bling they put on these laptops. I'd love a budget gaming laptop to replace my desktop when it dies. It doesn't need to be compact or blingy. Just a mid range CPU (high end i3, low end i5) and mid range GPU (950m) that doesn't cost more than £600. I had a good look when I bought my last laptop and gave up as they just don't seem to cater for people like me. The closest I got was some of customisers like scan/pcspecialist but they never had quite the right combo of specs and the laptop chassis they use don't always fair well in reviews.
The tiny TDP available to a laptop GPU means something slow enough that there are already plenty of CPUs to choose from. I just don't see how Skylake helps.
This is totally what I've been waiting for and I think I'll make it my next main system. I know they aren't good performance value but I love that they are so mobile and have a built in UPS basically. Even a massive 18" DTR will be free of the mess of cables any desktop PC has and it can be moved around easily.

This next generation of gaming laptops are extremely powerful and efficient now so it's a good time to be in the market for one, but I agree with most of the other commenters though that the ridiculous flashy lights and crazy styling are a bit much.