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HP launches 14-inch touchscreen-equipped Tegra K1 Chromebook

by Mark Tyson on 23 December 2014, 10:05

Tags: Chrome OS, Hewlett Packard (NYSE:HPQ)

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HP has launched an update to its HP Chromebook 14 range to include a touchscreen version. The new HP Chromebook 14-x050nr Touch model also boasts a higher resolution screen and double the installed RAM and flash storage compared to the previous model. Its retail price is about 30 per cent higher to pay for the specification hike.

Looking at the core specs of this new Chromebook it seems to be based upon the same components as the established model; an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, a chunk of DDR3 SDRAM, eMMC storage, Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth, a selection of ports including 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 headphone/microphone combo and an SD card reader with an HP TrueVision HD Webcam built-in. Battery life remains about eight hours.

The upgrades present in the HP Chromebook 14-x050nr Touch version include the screen, which goes from a 14-inch diagonal HD anti-glare LED-backlit (1366 x 768) panel to a 14-inch diagonal FHD WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) touch screen. RAM is doubled from 2GB 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM to 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM. Built-in eMMC storage is doubled from 16GB to 32GB. Other than that the specs seem to be the same, with the new model just being slightly heavier though retaining the exact same chassis dimensions as the non-touch model.

The new touch model is only available in 'smoke white' and is being offered on the HP web store for $440, the previous model is being sold at $300.

ChromeOS getting more features from Android

With ChromeOS and Android getting closer together a touch screen on your Chromebook may become much more useful. Further evidence of the bringing together of the two OSes came just yesterday when Google announced that its 'OK Google' is now available in the Chrome OS Dev channel.

The voice response feature works "any time the screen is on and unlocked," reports PCPro. However it could be annoying if your nearby Android smartphone and tablet pick up the commands simultaneously. With this kind of 'always on' monitoring for keywords some folk will have concerns over their privacy, but they probably wouldn't choose a Chromebook in the first place.

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A direct currency conversion is about £283 which is to much for a Chromebook, its more likely to be over £300 here.
Its a reasonably decent looking machine though. If it was around £200 i would think about trying one.
When they drop to around £200 mark I might get one for the kids, smart looking piece of kit too.
I would pay this price if it was full windows 8. Judging by HP's own stream line up windows licences (with bing) must be pretty cheap
Tegra isn't x86, so you wouldn't be running Windows on it any time soon.

Maybe that will change in future versions of Windows, but it's not possible yet.
Tegra isn't x86, so you wouldn't be running Windows on it any time soon.
Maybe that will change in future versions of Windows, but it's not possible yet.
Yes it is x86 but you need a Windows RT OS