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ASUS ships sexy carbon laptop in time for Christmas

by Steve Kerrison on 29 November 2005, 20:00


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ASUS has put together a sexy little laptop that they're calling the W1 Carbon Edition, just in time for the Christmas shopper looking for something a little stylish from their portable.

The entire chassis of the W1 is made from carbon material, and will retail for £1399. It will be available exclusively in four London stores: Selfridges, Harrods and two MicroAnvika stores. Specification-wise, the laptop features a Pentium-M 750, 15.4" TFT with ZBD (zero bright dot), 2x512MiB DDRII RAM, 100GB HDD, ATI Mobility RADEON X700, an 8-cell LiIon battery and more. Enough prattling on about the spec and how exclusive it is... will you want one?



Sure beats plastic, doesn't it? Plus, you can say you bought your laptop from Harrods. We wonder how many of these will actually be bought as presents for other people, rather than people spoiling themselves.

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Lovely looking laptop - almost like a black version of the Apple laptops.

Massive overpriced when you can buy a 7800GTX based laptop for less.

But then again, if you're shopping for laptops at Harrod, you probably don't care….
That is a seriously nice looking piece of kit. I agree with Davidstone, its not as highly specced as I would have thought at the price. But its bloomin gorgeous for sure.
Wow that is one of the sexiest laptops I have ever seen…
If you use a laptop heavily, it will be worth it, it should retain value very well too.

I'd be worried about the keyboard n track pad showing wear thou. Also its not a tablet, so who wants it… pooie.

I really like that! I wonder how much lighter than an eqivilant plastic lappy it actually is…