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ASUS laptop in fight with delivery truck

by Steve Kerrison on 7 November 2005, 21:44


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Really Smashed

So, what happened to this laptop, I hear you ask? A Taiwanese delivery company had a somewhat 'artistic' approach to logistics, when they managed to run over the notebook with a delivery truck. Somebody didn't stand on it, nor did they run over it in a car. Nope, they opted to take a truck to it. The images depict a laptop which those of us in the know like to call 'knackered'. Or is it?

It turns out that despite the laptop's horrible injuries, which include cracked plastic, tire marks and who knows what else, the thing wasn't quite ready to be written off...

Really Smashed

Quite the opposite. Rather than giving up the ghost like your regular pancake-laptop, the ASUS A6 got its act together and was still bootable. Alas, the LCD screen was a duffer (they aren't designed to be all that bendy,) but nonetheless, the hard drive and other core components remained functional.

More interesting, is the fact that the ASUS A6 is one of ASUS' value laptops. It's no titanium-clad power-house, rather a more modest model. It's perhaps an angering story for those of us who've dropped or had other mishaps with our laptops, and knackered them completely. Best go for a cheap one next time, eh?

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Is that one of those new ergonomic keyboards its fitted with then? :D
Is that one of those new ergonomic keyboards its fitted with then? :D

Either that or it's part of a new “Dali” range ;)
Had similar happen to a Panasonic Toughbook with a fork lift truck…. It survived although the case had had it!