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iOS 4.3 beta provides a glimpse at upcoming iPad features

by Parm Mann on 13 January 2011, 12:30

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Hands up, who hated the fact that Apple changed the function of the iPad side switch from orientation lock to mute in iOS 4.2?

If you're raising your arm, you're in luck, as the iPad producer looks set to deliver a better solution in the upcoming iOS 4.3 release. The updated software, now available to developers in beta form, will let the user configure the iPad side switch to carry out a choice of two functions; lock rotation, or mute.

In addition to the side-switch tweak, iOS 4.3 will introduce multitasking gestures to the iPad. Using four- or five-finger gestures, users will be able to pinch to return to the home screen, swipe up to gain access to the multitasking bar, and swipe left or right to rotate between active apps.

The update will also make available AirPlay video support to third-party developers, allowing new apps to beam video from an iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV, as well as personal hotspot functionality for iPhone users, a feature that enables the device to be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

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hahah, I've played with 1 ipad, the paperwork that came with it said the switch on the side was a rotation lock thing, yet when switched the “muted” icon would appear on the screen, weirdly the screen still rotated and the audio kept playing..

Be nice if the print function worked properly as well.