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HP's Android-powered mini-notebook reappears as the Compaq Airlife 100

by Parm Mann on 12 February 2010, 16:44

Tags: Airlife 100, Compaq

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Remember the HP Snapdragon-powered Android mini-notebook* we went hands-on with back at CES last month?

Well, the device has now been officially announced in Spain ahead of next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Arriving under the arm of HP subsidiary Compaq, the ultra-portable system has been dubbed the Compaq Airlife 100 and features a 10.1in touchscreen display designed to play nice with Google's Android operating system and a specially-designed HP interface.

Inside the unit there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor - as opposed to the traditional Intel x86-based Atom found in your average netbook - along with 16GB of Flash-based storage, and both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

HP reckons the slimline battery will provide 12 hours of active usage from a single charge, or a massive 10 days in standby mode. And for all those of you unimpressed by Apple's iPad - myself excluded - how about this; the Compaq Airlife 100 does touch, has a physical qwerty keyboard, an operating system that'll allow you to multi-task, an SD card slot and impending support for Adobe Flash. Shame it doesn't convert into a tablet, though.

No news on UK availability or pricing just yet, but HP Spain suggests the Compaq Airlife 100 will soon be made available with a range of mobile broadband packages via Spanish telecommunications company, Telefónica.


*Yes, we'd like to call it a "smart notebook" of sorts, but currently can't due to legal reasons.

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Fairly impressive so far. But the crucial factors are still to be anounced:

Does it have a workable res: read 1024x768 minimum
Is it less than £200: read why would I buy this instead of a netbook if it's more than £200-225
How much does it weigh, what are it's overall dims?
Does it have a workable res: read 1024x768 minimum
I don't think that's as important as in a netbook (and most netbooks are under thast spec with 1024x600)
Is it less than £200: read why would I buy this instead of a netbook if it's more than £200-225
That, however is the killer - anything less useful than a netbook should be cheaper… which doesn't leave much pricing room…
… anything less useful than a netbook should be cheaper…
Not sure how you make this out to be “less useful” than a netbook. It's got all the pedigree to be a great internet device and it can't be too long before someone produces a reasonable office suite for Android… ;)

Biggest issue with this for me is that it's not tablet convertible. I can't see a touchscreen working well if you have to reach over a keyboard to use it…
I think at £200 - £300 price break this will sell. There will be alot of people looking at google and the new OS. Android works better on mobiles than Windows mobile, so in theory it will work better on a mini notebook too.

All it needs to do well is internet apps, office apps and its just as good as a Microsoft offering.

As long as there was an office app out soon that works with files upto Office 2007 then I would buy this over a Microsoft OS Mini notebook. I love Android os on my phone, its very slick and just works.
Why not have a screen that folds back with a switch on it that disables the traditional keyboard then it can be used as a tablet, its already got the touch screen…