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Dell Alienware M11x takes "all powerful" gaming to the 11.6in form factor

by Parm Mann on 8 January 2010, 04:23

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Dell has today used CES 2010 as the stage upon which to unleash its latest gaming notebook, the Alienware M11x.

Dubbed the "most powerful 11in gaming laptop in the universe," the Alienware M11x hopes to offer the prowess of the existing M15x in a smaller, lighter form factor.

The idea, then, is to offer high-end gaming in a system that actually is portable. And don't let the chunky-looking dimensions put you off - in person, the system's red-backlit accents make it look every bit as good as it sounds, and it's notably smaller than its 15in and 17in predecessors.

Unfortunately, further details are slim on the ground. We know the Alienware M11x features both an IGP and a GeForce GT 335M GPU, with the user able to switch between the two at the touch of a button - without having to reboot, we should add. But other details - including which CPUs will be available - remain absent.

What's useful, however, is that Dell tells us the Alienware M11x will be available in under a month priced at less than $1,000. For that tidy sum, you'll get a 1,366x768 11.6in display, HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort connectivity, and a gorgeous red backlit keyboard.

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I usually hate alienware stuff… but after the pain of lugging my PC home over the hols so i could continue gaming this is genuinely interesting.
The key factors have to be weight and price, I guess. Less than $1000 is sounding good on the price side, and I reckon if they've kept the weight to no more than 2Kg it could be a winner :D
Battery life? If they sacrificed battery size to keep the whole machine's size and weight down, we may be dealing with yet another machine that can't last an hour unplugged when doing what it's supposed to do (gaming).
The notebook has switchable graphics. You can use the integrated graphics when not gaming.

Here are some more details in this thread I started:


The graphics card is not too bad TBH considering the size of the notebook!

It is supposed to have upto 6 and half hours of battery life although the battery is not removable.
GeForce GT 335M GPU

Another rebrand? or an actual DX11 product. Actually. I'm gonna say no DX11. At best DX10.1.

Their latest rebrands dont even do dx10.1 according to their own pages.

/me shakes head.

:edit: And neither does this one. From their own spec pages.

Microsoft DirectX 10
OpenGL 2.1