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ASUS seeks to wow audiophile with NX90 'super-notebook'

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 January 2010, 15:06

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Elegant clutter

Keeping the best of the pre-CES 2010 press conference till last, Jonney Shih, ASUS CEO, unveiled the NX90 series. Designed as an audiophile's wet dream, the quad-core totin' NX90, brought up in collaboration with Bang and Olufsen, is a polished (anodised) aluminium notebook that has two touchpads as well as externally-mounted speakers - 108cc in size - for what is reckoned to be superior sound.

Powered by NVIDIA's GT 335M graphics, an 18.4in (1,920x1,200) screen, Intel HM55 chipset, Blu-ray player and a possible two hard drives, the behemoth weighs 4.8kg with a six-cell battery. Described as cinema-on-the-go, it's an interesting project that's very much a niche product.

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I still don't get the dual touchpads on this thing.
That looks like a totally redundant product; for the premium you'll pay for that, a proper audiophile would surely buy a proper set of independent speakers, and a good sound card/ DAC.
nice but wouldnt anyone who really wants quality sound just connect up via optical to a high quality home cinema amp?
I wants :(