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MSI demonstrates how not to market an ultra-thin notebook

by Parm Mann on 26 August 2009, 15:40

Tags: X-Slim X600, MSI

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There are many ways to market ultra-portable notebooks, and perhaps the classiest example so far is the TV commercial for Apple's MacBook Air - featuring a super-sexy system, catchy music and a now-famous manilla envelope.

Hoping to go one better, however, the folks over at MSI have produced a video that they claim "is taking YouTube by storm". The clip, designed to promote MSI’s new range of X-series ultra slim notebooks, features a man catching an MSI system with his butt cheeks. Yep, his butt cheeks.

The hopefully-Photoshopped clip has been doing the rounds over the past few weeks and already been viewed more than 1.7 million times, and MSI's objective - which we presume is to get people talking - has seemingly been achieved.

Trouble is, we're left scratching our ass heads over what the promo clip is actually trying to tell us. Is it that you don't know where your MSI notebook has been, or are we being told that the MSI X-Series is perfect for guys who wear spandex?

Sure, it's just a bit of fun, but would the clip in anyway encourage you to actually buy an MSI system?

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Cracking :mrgreen:
Its a bit crap tbh.
remember when this was news, like 2 weeks ago?
remember when this was news, like 2 weeks ago?

in the US maybe, news to us over here :P
remember when this was news, like 2 weeks ago?

nice way to Say Hello Sarcasm is always welcome here :p