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ASUS and Disney announce Netpal netbook

by Parm Mann on 17 June 2009, 09:53

Tags: Netpal, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Disney

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We've seen plenty of netbooks for children, but this one has the all-important ingredient; Disney.

It's called the ASUS Netpal, and it's a result of a collaboration between ASUS and Disney to create a netbook that appeals to children.

All the kids need to know is that it'll be available in "Magical Blue" or "Princess Pink" finishes, and it'll feature desktop themes based on Disney Pixar animations such as Cars, Wall-E and Toy Story.

That'll be enough to sell it to the little ones, but the finer details for the adults are as follows: the Netpal will be made available at Amazon and Toys R Us priced at $350. It sports an 8.9in display, an Intel Atom processor, a 160GB hard drive or 16GB SSD, and a version of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system that's kitted out with a Disney-designed interface - complete with a host of parental controls.

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