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OCZ busts out NVIDIA ION-based Neutrino netbook

by Parm Mann on 8 June 2009, 12:39

Tags: Netbooks, OCZ (NASDAQ:OCZ)

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When it isn't launching crazy-fast solid state drives, California's OCZ Technology also dabbles with the occasional DIY notebook and it's giving a noteworthy upgrade to the 10.1in Neutrino first launched back in March.

The new-and-upcoming model, pictured below, will retain its size and dimensions but will abandon Intel's 945GSE chipset in favour of NVIDIA's ION.

As a result, the DIY netbook will be equipped with a single-core 1.6GHz Atom N230 processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory and NVIDIA's GeForce 9400m graphics. In keeping with the DIY nature of the system, users will then be able to complete their Neutrino by installing their choice of system memory, storage, and an operating system, too.

The entire system looks a whole lot more promising with its ION upgrade, but there's no mention of pricing or availability yet.

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if that really is an n230 and not an n270, then a version with a 330 should be a formality?
Prices and availability.. I'd like to replace my 945GSE netbook with an Ion but not at silly money prices
why is it taking soooo long for the ION platform to come out?
I didn't get to see from the article what the price of these “DIY” netbooks are, but they seem quite a good idea.

I ditched the standard RAM in my netbook even before it was delivered. (I ordered 2gb from crucial, the same day I got my 2133, 1gb.) I soon got a SSD as well.

If OCZ's netbook is wXGA, and isn't too “plastic”, I'll consider it. (I want to go Ion asap.)