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SkyTone's netbook - based on Google's Android and ARM's CPU

by Tarinder Sandhu on 22 April 2009, 14:00

Tags: SkyTone Alpha 680, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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James Sherwood, of, writes:

Several firms have already begun talking-up Android-based laptops, but now a quirky PC manufacturer’s stuck its neck out and launched its own model.


SkyTone's Android-based Alpha 680

Although images of SkyTone’s Alpha 680 tablet PC don’t really say much about how Android looks and feel away from a mobile phone, the firm assures potential customers that it’s a real Android PC by… well… sticking the OS’ green robot logo all over its pictures.

Android aside, the 7in Alpha 680 is a very basic machine. It has 128MB of DDR2 memory and, despite being fitted with a solid-state drive, storage capacity tops out at 1GB.


A basic tablet, at best

The machine is based around a 533MHz ARM11 CPU and comes with an Ethernet port, integrated Wi-Fi, two USB 2.0 ports and an SD memory card slot.

SkyTone’s Alpha 680 is available to buy in China, but a price hasn’t been mentioned.

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Given that it has a rotating tablet-style screen, I assume this is touch-enabled? At the right (read: low enough!) price it could be interesting - a lot would depend on battery life as well, though… plus, no 3G / HSDPA? What do you do when you're away from a hotspot? Anyone doing 3G dongles with Android drivers yet?
I think your right, this could be very interesting. Surely a non Windows OS lends itself to the concept of a netbook and Android or a stipped back MACOS as seen on the iphone is the answer. Surely users favour speed and battery life over having Windows?
Hmm, that large shot showing the Yahoo page is clearly Windows XP, not Android. How very odd.
Needs to be quick enough for Flash video (probably isn't).
Youtube/IPlayer machine in this form factor and for £100-£150 would be great. It should also be able to run Skype and suddenly you've got a cheap, portable, low power-draw Cloud computer.
I could swear the magical $99 price was mentioned with other articles on this product… ie £99 in Rip Off Britain (TM)