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Smooth Creations announces Core i7-based notebook, calls it The Redeemer

by Parm Mann on 7 April 2009, 09:40

Tags: The Redeemer, Smooth Creations

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Performance fiends, say hello to The Redeemer. This beast of a system, co-developed by US-based Smooth Creation and BFG, sports a choice of Intel Core i7 processors and promises to "turn heads, and then shred them". Judging by its default artwork, we don't doubt it.

According to Smooth Creations, it worked closely with the likes of BFG, Corsair and Intel in order to create this "ass kicking system", and though we've no details on dimensions or weight, we do know what's inside.

Would-be-buyers are able to choose one of Intel's three Core i7 processors - including the 965 Extreme Edition. That'll be paired with dual BFG GeForce GTX 280 graphics cards in SLI and up to 12GB of triple-channel DDR3 memory.

The Redeemer's display measures 17in and provides a full-HD resolution and is backed up by a "perfect pixels" guarantee. Elsewhere, there's a choice of hard disk or solid state drives, an optional webcam and TV tuner, and a 12-cell battery keeping it all going - though, for exactly how long remains to be seen.

There's no doubting the system's hardware credentials, and whilst the first impression of Smooth Creations' custom artwork might be "vulgar", that's arguably the idea. Aimed at the LAN-going gamer, this is a system that states "if you don’t own the Redeemer system with BFG Mobile GeForce 280’s get ready for an ass-whipping".

Sold? It's available now - with a choice of configuration options and custom artwork designs - and prices start at just $3,200. Be careful, though, as that'll rise to around $8,024 if you get a little trigger happy with upgrades.

Official press release: The Fastest Intel Core i7 Desktop on a Mobile Platform

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I wonder how long the battery lasts :)
What they also neglect to tell you, is that it burns your bollocks off ;)
What they also neglect to tell you, is that it burns your bollocks off ;)

That's a feature, right? :)
It's using desktop parts? or are they mobile and just named the same? anywho, sli 280s and a 965 is insane in a laptop, keen to see how many sold.
IT'll be desktop CPU's and mobile GPU's I should think. You wouldn't fit two 280's in a laptop chassis :)

I actually think its pretty reasonable value for money when you spec them up. Lowest core i7 (so what.. thats still as fast as you need it to be), SLI 280's, 2x 320GB HDD's, 6GB of RAM w and a TV tuner for $3750. If only you could get that into this country just at the exchange rate :)