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ASUS unleashes twin touchscreen Eee netbook PCs

by Tarinder Sandhu on 7 January 2009, 18:07

Tags: ASUS Netbooks, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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ASUS trumped many of its competitors by holding a press conference two days before the official start of CES 2009.

Cutting to the chase, ASUS confirmed the existence of a couple of Eee netbooks with swivel- and touch-screen capability, making them Tablet PCs on the cheap. We've seen this before from Gigabyte, with its M912, and ASUS adds to the burgeoning category with the 8.9in T91 and 10in T101H.

The smaller of the two, T91, will feature Intel's power-efficient Z520 (Silverthorne-based, 1.33GHz) Atom CPU, touch-screen, TV tuner, GPS, and 1GB RAM.

ASUS' president, Jonney Shih, reckoned that we should see the T91 available in between three to six months, but wouldn't be drawn on price. We reckon that Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 would make a perfect partner for netbooks equipped with touch-screen capability.

The T101H uses the widely-installed Atom N270 CPU and bigger screen. Other than that, it's very similar to the T91.

Have a gander at the Eee Tablet PC.

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For £150-200 I would. But what's the chances they end up nearer £400?
For £150-200 I would. But what's the chances they end up nearer £400?

Ditto at £150-200, but over £400+ wouldn't surprise me
The title of this confused me.

I believe - now - that it refers to two models, each with a touchscreen. Initially I thought it meant a device with two (i.e. twin) touchscreens.

£400 doesn't strike me as bad value. Obviously £200 would be better - but £100 would be better still. (Just teasing.)

My point is I paid £1700 for my HP TC1100 a few years back, and thought (and still do think) it was good value.

£400 (or below :cool:) would be phenomenal value, imho.
If they can bring these in for £250-£300 they will sell like hot cakes i'm sure..i'd probably replace my eeepc with one, even if it does have an atom in it :(
one of these at ~ £300 would be very tempting, but what price a version of this based on yukon, with the (rumoured) 1GHz Neo? 10" tablet with Radeon X1200 graphics @ ~ £450? It may be pure speculation, but I bet you'd find some takers… ;)