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Samsung NC20 netbook: one small step for Samsung, one giant leap for VIA

by Parm Mann on 22 December 2008, 11:00

Tags: NC20, Samsung (005935.KS)

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Samsung recently joined the ever-expanding list of Atom-based netbook manufacturers with its by-the-book NC10.

However, according to reports, the South Korean manufacturer could ditch Intel's Atom processor in favour of a VIA alternative for its upcoming NC20.

The NC20 is thought to be the 12.1in successor to the NC10 and will join Dell's Inspiron Mini 12 as one of few larger-than-usual netbooks.

What's interesting is that Samsung is believed to be equipping the NC20 with VIA's low-power 1.3GHz Nano processor. Judging by the size of the system, and its 1.5kg weight, there might just be room for VIA's entire Trinity platform - that's a Nano processor, VIA chipset and S3 graphics GPU.

Further details remain sketchy, but we'd expect to see this one at next month's CES.

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Will be a bit faster than an ATom though, they seem a bit weedy to me!

I want to get a netbook but I didn't like the sluggish nature of Atom with media tasks. VIA claim there Trinity system to be capable of HD1080 playback without lag currently found on Atom netbooks. I would love to see the actual performance of the hardware so we can lay to rest these “claims” currently circulating.

AMD will be placing there own system in the netbook space with media capabilities claimed to be greater than the current equipment available.

Be interesting to see what tasks these systems are capable of, looks to be a good year for portable computing next year that's for sure.
That 12.1" screen might be larger than most others in this segment, but it really does look like a very thin laptop, especially when you considder how chunky the Eee is.
On paper I would rather have a dual core Atom, but like ExHail said, we need benchmarks
Would also be worth seeing what the real world performance is with NVidias Ion chipset and the atom :)
Intels 945 chipset is heavily dated. Dont know why they used it :confused: