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HP boasts of 24-hour notebook battery life

by Tarinder Sandhu on 20 August 2008, 15:00

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 As long as I care to remember, battery life has always been a concern for laptops. Minor advances in battery technology have been offset by computers requiring more juice to function, and it's only recently that a number of laptops have been advertised with six-hour single-battery longevity.

Just last week, however, Dell made a bold claim with its new-model Centrino 2 Latitude laptops, citing a 19-hour battery life by combining a 9-cell battery with a 12-cell 'pack' that sits underneath the machine.

Now, at IDF Fall 2008, HP announced a new line of EliteBook business laptops that cover the entire size range, from thin-and-light SKUs to quad-core-toting workstation-based beasts.

In particular, and arousing considerable interest, was the declaration that the EliteBook 6930p, equipped with HP's Ultra-Capacity Battery on top of the shipping model, could run a whole day - 24 hours - without having to hit the mains.

HP's execs were keen to point out that the boast, internally demonstrated via MobileMark numbers, was facilitated by the use of Intel's upcoming solid-state drives, which pull only 0.15W when under load.

A whole day without going to the mains - we'll believe it when we see it.

More details here.

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Good, it's about time really. Maybe the day of true portable computing is upon us. I've been amazed by my new sony bluetooth handsfree headset - it's battery life is amazing, I bought it 2-3 weeks ago and it's only just run out of power from it's first charge.
A bold claim. But I doubt that the Intel SSD alone is the only factor involved with this kind of power savings. I wonder what other power saving parts are in use here.
This will be 24hrs on a notebook with the slowest low power CPU, slow clocked memory, screen brightness minimum and left in the corner doing absolutely sod all. The expensive SSD etc will mean it will cost the earth, and the one thing people forget about large capacity batteries is that they take an age to charge again afterwards…
You should always take these claims with a pinch of salt, but if they are claiming 24 hours you will almost get a hell of long time from it when using useable settings. Probably 2/3rds of what their claims are.. but that is still 16 hours :)

The latitudes are more appealing to me though.
i wounder how much it weighs? A hudge chunk of it must be battery!

either way as long as its still lugable, thats very useful.