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Puma and Centrino 2 laptops from MSI

by Nick Haywood on 3 June 2008, 16:47

Tags: MSI

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New platforms snuggle up together

MSI is going all-out with its new laptop offerings with the Wind getting loads of attention, but over in the more traditional lappy section MSI have a couple of interesting offerings, namely its GX630, based on AMD’s Puma platform and the GX720 using the new Intel Centrino 2.

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The GX630 uses an AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobile processor which, as part of the Puma platform and as we saw at CeBIT, should help the GX630 to power you through your games. A 512MiB NVIDIA Geforce 9600M GT graphics card will provide the graphical oomph and there’s support for up to 4GiB of DDR2 667/800. On top of that there’s 7.1 audio, HDMI output, E-SATA and MSI’s Turbo feature that automatically overclocks the GX630 for when you want more extreme gaming performance.

A few places up from the GX630 is the GX720 which is an Intel Centrino 2-based system. The GX720 also features a 512Mb NVIDIA Geforce 9600M GT graphics card but supports up to 4GiB DDR3 667/800. There’s also Dolby 4.1, HDMI, E-SATA and the MSI Turbo function.

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If this is a PUMA notebook, why does it have an Nvidia GPU? PUMA notebooks I thought were supposed to be powered be either an on board ATI Radeon 3200 or a discrete ATI card, or both in Hybrid Crossfire X mode.

I suppose if the PUMA platform can include Nvidia cards, all the better.

If they're going to launch a surprise “skulltrail” like feature (crossfire+sli), ala Intel, that would be great.

But I doubt that last feature is something AMD would just keep a secret until launch. It's probably more likely that MSI didn't want to wait for AMD to be ready with the proper GPU for Hybrid Crossfire X, so they just launched this laptop with the discrete Nvidia chip instead.

Either way, I'm happy this day has finally come.
I just wish they'd make their ‘gaming’ laptops look a little less, well, ****. I'm hardly ever swayed by aesthetics, but it looks awful. They're so tacky with that faux metal plating, and at least the GX600 is already known for its twisting and poor build quality.

The GX600 is almost my perfect laptop (well, I'd prefer a Mobility HD3650 in there like the new ASUS F8Sp), but I'll not be getting one as other than what's inside the case, it's absolutely dire.