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Intel Centrino Atom notebook promises 10-hour battery life

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 March 2008, 15:20

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel has made significant noise about its new Centrino Atom processor and supporting platform technology.

The Silverthorne CPU - the beating heart of the Centrino Atom - consumes a maximum of 2.4W at a 1.8GHz clock-speed but still retains the Core 2-derived Intel Merom's instruction set.

Intel quotes performance as roughly equivalent to the second-generation Centrino - Banias - making Silverthorne-based devices (Menlow) eminently suitable for UMPCs and ultra-light laptops.

Clevo is better known as the original maker of an eclectic bunch of notebooks that you see in the likes of PC World.

Chances are they're carrying some big-name brand, despite being a Clevo design underneath.

At CeBIT 2008, Clevo was showcasing its TN70M model - a fully-functioning Centrino Atom-based PC. Note, however, that TN70M's dimensions exceed those mandated by Intel for its Centrino Atom Processor logo, reserved for MIDs (mobile Internet devices).

The 7in touchscreen WSVGA (1.024 x 600) display was clear and easy-to-read even with glaring lights beating down upon it. Storage is catered for by a 1.8in drive - be it PATA or SSD - and external wireless connectivity will range from traditional WiFi through to WiMAX.

The 990g sub-notebook packs in a hyperthreaded Silverthorne 1.6GHz processor that runs off a 533MHz front-side bus - note the two cores in Device Manager. Hooking up to the Poulsbo chipset and outputting video by the GMA 500 IGP, the entire unit consumes around 15W.

Clevo's representatives say that the supplied four-cell (4,800mAh) battery is good for near 10-hours' 'general' usage from a single charge.

No word on pricing but availability is scheduled for a June time-frame.

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