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ASUS Eee PC 900 makes its debut

by Parm Mann on 4 March 2008, 22:24

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Say hello to the Eee PC 900

What do you get if you take an ASUS Eee PC, increase the screen size to 8.9 inches, up the memory to 1GiB, increase the SSD capacity to 12GiB and boost the webcam megapixel count, too? We found the answer at CeBIT, it's an ASUS Eee PC 900.

Say hello to the new Eee PC

The biggest change on the new Eee PC, pictured above, is the increase in screen size. The new 8.9in screen provides a 1,024x600 resolution, up from the previous 800x480. It isn't just that easy mind you. The speakers, previously positioned either side of the screen, are now on the underside of the Eee where you may struggle to hear them. Still, we'd take the higher resolution any day.

As you'd expect, the bump in specification is accompanied by a bump in price. The Linux-based Eee PC 900, scheduled to reach Europe in April, will retail for €399. Pricing for the Windows-based model is still being determined but it'll be upward of €400.

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Looks very interesting. Kind of wish I'd waited for this instead of getting an original Eee PC (a 4G in white) which is actually very good except for the screen resolution.
w00t! I've been waiting for this - *adds to shopping list*. :mrgreen:
So how much will it be here?
Darn - one of the great things with the eee is the speakers FACE you which makes it a very handy media player (as they're pretty loud too).
I'm interested, but i don't know if i'll pony up for one in the summer. Long time to wait inexplicably.
is it just me or do I think this is a step in the wrong direction. According to reports the 900 model is going to cost £305ish for the very bare bones one. This price is creeping up to a budget laptop price and makes it hard to justify buying when you can buy a £300 laptop that will be vastly more powerfull. The charm of the EeePC was mainly it's price and portability. Whilst it's kept the latter it's price is rising to levels of budget laptop range and that makes it less appealing.