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The Computex 2006 HEXUS Awards

by Nick Haywood on 27 June 2006, 16:01

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Best Graphics Card, Coolest Stand

Best Graphics Card

Now if we thought that the previous two categories had been toughies to sort out the Best Graphics Card category was a nightmare! The choice on offer, from XFX’s 7950, Sparkle’s 7950 and offerings from all the big graphics board partners, finding a winner that stood out from everything else was always going to hotly contested, noisily argued and perhaps even violently defended. So it came as something of a surprise when the GeCube Gemini strolled in and took the crown, blatting the opposition clean out of the ring.

Here, accepting the award from HEXUS’ Ryszard Sommefeldt is GeCube’s CEO, Larry Yeo.

Coolest Stand

One of the easier Awards to decide was who had the Coolest Stand. Once we had explained to Tarinder that a cool stand did not necessarily mean how many skimpily clad girlies were draped on it, it was pretty obvious that FOXCONN’s stand put many others to shame. As well as boasting simply the most enormous fan we’ve ever seen, FOXCONN were again playing host to the Kode 5 regional heats…and who can forget the fantastic case descriptions.

Sadly, FOXCONN’s Michael Littler was ill on the day we presented the Coolest Stand Award, so accepting the Award for FOXCONN is Paula Sunk Fu.