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SilverStone serves up combo enclosure for SSD, optical, and USB3.0

by Tarinder Sandhu on 4 June 2009, 15:50

Tags: SilverstoneTek

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Some of the better ideas are pretty simple. No flashy lights or razzamatazz. What you're looking at is a regular 5.25in enclosure that holds a slim optical drive, 2.5in hard drive/SSD, and has a couple of USB3.0 ports built-in, too.

The idea, we suppose, is that the TS03 enclosure helps out folks whose chassis' setup is such that they need to save space; we're thinking of HTPC cases here.

The sample models weren't wired up to a PC, unfortunately, such that the USB3.0 claims could be tested - even if a compliant board was available.

We don't expect the TS03 to be expensive, and SilverStone would do well to ship it with a slimline drive as an option.

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Neat idea :)
Now we just need a slimline drive.

They have a couple of slimline drives available suitable for this.
Neat idea indeed. Have been really impressed with what we've seen from SilverStone at Computex - I wasn't that fussed about them before but they're starting to win me over! :)
Ohh want, should help save power as well :)
Nice! I want. It'd go nicely in my GD01-MX hopefully. Just need a slim-line DVD-RW/BD-ROM combo for it, though they're about £150 at the moment :O