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PowerColor breathes some life into Radeon HD 2000-series with AGP

by James Smith on 16 June 2007, 09:54

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Computex 2007 PowerColor is planning to launch Radeon HD 2400 Pro and 2600 Pro AGP-based cards, to open up the lucrative upgrade market of folk who haven't found the need to move to PCI-Express but wish to play newer games.

The Radeon HD 2400 Pro, pictured above, will run with standard clocks of 525/800 (core/mem) and is equipped with 256MiB of DDR2 running through a 64-bit interface.

The Radeon HD 2600 Pro will also operate with standard clocks of 600/800 and will be equipped with either 256MiB or 512MiB of DDR2. This time, though, the interface is 128-bit.

Output options will be 2x dual-link DVI or 1x dual-link DVI + HDMI, VGA and composite video-out. Output choices are flexible for HD cards.

Both the Radeon HD 2400 Pro and 2600 Pro should be available mid-August we were told.

Also of interest were some passively-cooled Radeon 2400 and 2600 Pro cards.

The PowerColor HD 2400 PRO SCS3 will be identical to other 2400 Pros, save for the silent cooling. The SKU is based upon a 65nm manufacturing process and, therefore, puts out little heat - the perfect recipe for passive cooling.

Here's the Radeon HD 2600 Pro SCS3 model. Again, both should be available in mid-August.

We also spotted some Radeon HD 2400XT GDDR3 and 2600XT GDDR4 boards on display.

The half-height PowerColor Radeon HD 2400XT, pictured above, runs with clocks of 700/1400 and is equipped with 256MiB of GDDR3 on a 64-bit interface. A slight deviation from AMD's specs?

The fastest midrange card will be the Radeon HD 2600XT GDDR4, clocked in at 800/2200. It's equipped with 256MiB of GDDR4 on a 128-bit interface.

The PowerColor HD 2400 XT and 2600 XT GDDR4 models should be available in retail from the middle of next month. No info, though, on any prices.

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