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Sparkle loses plot, mounts GeForce 8500 GPU on wrong side?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 June 2007, 18:19

Tags: Sparkle

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Computex 2007

Look! Someone's stolen the GPU.

No, actually, Sparkle has turned conventional thinking on its head and created a GeForce 8600 GT with an upside-down arrangement.

[advert]The GPU is over on the flipside and the power-delivery components on the usual topside.

Think about the orientation of a PCIe card within a regular ATX-sized motherboard, the GPU's transferred heat is moved on up towards the CPU.

Ensuring that the heat-producing core is on the bottom should, in theory, help keep the card a little cooler. The proximity of the cooler to the rear of the chassis is reckoned to help, too.

Sparkle was keen to state that internal testing did show a slight drop in key temperature readings and HEXUS will be taking a look at this very card in the near future - it's due to go into a limited-run production.

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This could potentially be a really good idea for those into dual graphics cards, more in the performance (8800) area than in this budget one. Whereas normally the cards would be in close-proximity to each other, effecting cooling and the choice of neighbouring components, having one of these along with a ‘normal’ card could free up a lot of space and sockets, motherboard layout dependent.

Guess in some Shuttle-like boxes it could help GPU cooling too.