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COMPUTEX 2007 Preview: Sparkle get TEC-hnical…

by Nick Haywood on 4 June 2007, 04:42

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Overclockers' cards with a three-year warranty

Sparkle’s new Calibre P880+ and Calibre P880 graphics cards are, according to the company, the fastest on the market.

Ok, so they’re built around NVIDIA’s G80 GPU with support for DX10 Shader Model 4.0 and NVIDIA Quantum Effects physics processing, among other features but what makes these cards a bit different is the cooling.

Built from a collaboration between MACS Technology and Sparkle, this TEC-based cooler apparently uses the technology as NASA's Space Shuttle… which may explain the delays in building the space station as everyone’s playing Supreme Commander or WoW.

What this really means is that a variety of technologies such as aerodynamics, thermal transducers, heat transfer and embedded software control all combine to reduce the chance of frying the GPU… very handy when hurtling through space at over 17,000 miles an hour.

But for us earth-bound mortals, efficient cooling means a stable DX10 gaming experience with less heat and less noise. And with less heat and noise because of a more efficient cooling system, you’ve now got some room for a bit of overclocking.

According to Sparkle, the Calibre P880+ and Calibre P880 have an “amazing overclocking ability” along with a three-year warranty.

Check back soon for more from Sparkle at COMPUTEX 2007.

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