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AMD R600 Delay Ruffles CeBIT Feathers

by Navin Maini on 2 March 2007, 15:33


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Digitimes reports today that the recent further delay to AMD's much anticipated R600 GPU has disrupted the well laid out plans of AMD partners, who were looking forward to besting each other by boasting their individual iterations of the latest graphics cards based on the forthcoming AMD GPU at CeBIT, later this month.

Perhaps, more concerning than the fact that AMD partners will now be resigned to showcasing product lines based on current GPU technology and that R600 demonstrations will consist of either private or demonstration systems supplied by AMD to select partners, is that there are murmurings concerning confidence in AMD's ability to deliver within the high paced market of graphics card following the surprisingly late change in plans by the company.

Whilst AMD's R600 is now scheduled for launch in the second quarter of this year and partners appear to be keeping the faith for the time being, there are concerns that with the R600 GPU being a golden opportunity for AMD to take the lead in the graphics wars, the delay brings to light the extent to which the company has fallen behind.

What may come to pass remains to be seen, yet perhaps not everyone is disappointed by the latest delay to the R600....


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