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Titanfall to get Nvidia GameWorks features and 4K support on PCs

by Mark Tyson on 20 March 2014, 14:45

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It has been revealed that Nvidia is collaborating with Respawn to "keep their multiplayer, first-person shooter at the cutting edge of image quality". The first person mech shooter will get a graphical shot in the arm by the companies artists and engineers working together to integrate Nvidia GameWorks features into the blockbuster title. Respawn and Nvidia will also update Titanfall to support 4K displays and make the most of SLI multi-GPU technology to give "a fantastic high-end PC experience".

The main GameWorks features that Nvidia says it is building into Titanfall include Temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) and Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+). If you are not already aware of these technologies TXAA is an anti-aliasing technique which provides a high quality multi-sample smooth and clear image which also prevents unsightly crawling and flickering in motion. HBAO+ will create more lifelike non-uniform shadows in the Titanfall game to give a richer visual experience.

Titanfall sporting playable 4K graphics resolutions on the PC will only go further to demonstrate the PC vs console graphics quality divide. However, as usual with 4K, you will need to have a meaty PC in order to get good gaming framerates. With this in mind Nvidia and Respawn are working to get Nvidia's SLI multi-GPU technology up and running in Titanfall.

Titanfall Xbox 360 delays

MCV reports that Titanfall has been delayed for the second time for Microsoft's aging Xbox 360 console. Originally planned for an 15th March release, this version of the game was delayed til 28th March and now the date has been shifted to 11th April.

A senior EA exec is quoted as saying the game is "fantastic" on the Xbox 360 but that "we see a few things that can be made even better, so we’re giving (developer) Bluepoint a little more time to do just that and deliver an epic Titanfall experience for Xbox 360 players".

Titanfall 2 for PS4 too?

Gaming news site Polygon asserts that the next version of Titanfall won't be a Microsoft exclusive. Its sources say so and this confirms previous Tweets from Respawn founder Vince Zampella saying that it would make future games titles for the Sony PlayStation 4 console.

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If Titanfall 2 is gonna come then make sure it comes with longer campaign multiplayer if possible also add a long single player story mode.
If Titanfall 2 is gonna come then make sure it comes with longer campaign multiplayer if possible also add a long single player story mode.

I hope they don't, tbh. I liked the purity of MP games like Quake and Unreal Tournament. I found it a bit of a turn-off when games like Halo came along: demanding a backstory, taking themselves too seriously, and therefore becoming capital-E “epic” all the time. I sank hours into arena fights with bots in the last UT, but I couldn't have done the same with a story mode - and besides, a story FPS is quite different to a team deathmatch game. If Battlefield and CoD have taught us anything, it's that!
I want Titanfall to be different from the Norm, it has potential for a good campaign. Sure multiplayer is fun, but for me personally, it doesn't have the hallmarks for longevity.
Nice to hear but considering the whole Mantle, DX12, OpenGL movement currently, I find it odd that GameWorks gets added after release…