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Has Rod Savlon exposed Matrox spurning soft-core?

by Rod Savlon on 18 July 2006, 15:11

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Is Matrox saying ‘Single-core? No thank you!’ ?

We’ve recently been discussing the prospects of Matrox’s new ‘lower cost’ video editing card, the RT.X2, with an early adopter and came across what looks like an industry first...

Apparently, in its quest to ensure that users experience the RT.X2 in an optimum platform, Matrox seems to have rather cut off the single-threaded past of the desktop computer.

According to our source, when they tried to install the card in a single-processor PC, the driver installation flatly said ‘No’, or maybe ‘Non’, as Matrox is based in Quebec in the French part of Canada.

This was no lamer desktop, either – the system in question was apparently an Athlon 64 FX-57 with 2GB of RAM.

Despite this being the top-choice AMD desktop processor, until the dual-core FX-60 arrived, the fact that the FX-57 is single core means Matrox won’t let you install its RT.X2.

So for the moment it seems that the bare minimum is a dual-core processor.

If you look at Matrox’s perilously short list of validated motherboards and processors here, even a Pentium D would be sufficient, although not recommended for editing high definition footage.
It looks like Matrox’s current favourites are all dual-core, dual-processor Opteron configurations – something we feel every self-respecting hardware enthusiast should own anyway.

Presumably, though, when Matrox gets its hands on some Intel Core Marchitecture processors its favoured platforms will be somewhat different.

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matrox dissapeared from most peoples radar after the G400.

remember this pic anyone?

why matrox???
matrox dissapeared from most peoples radar after the G400.

remember this pic anyone?

why matrox???

Matrox abandoned the 3d graphics market to ATI and nvidia long ago. But they have a pretty healthy niche among pros in which they're doing very well for themselves.

If you take a look at the product page for the RT.X2, the first words are “If you're a professional video editor”. If you're a pro buying a £1200 card like this, you won't be wasting your time with a single-core machine.

I don't see the point of the fuss.
Matrox made a few good cards over the years, although they never really cracked 3D performance.

For 2D work they were always the best though due to the amazing PQ their cards always produced.

IMO, its a shame they never got their act together in the 3D arena……the G200 and G400 I owned were good for their time and their dualhead implementation still makes nVidias and ATIs offerings pale in comparison.
I remember my first graphics card, a Matrox G400 (with 16MB ram!!!)

it lasted me 4 years..

ah happy days when I didnt feel the need to upgrade everyday :crazy: