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Hot RV530 twins get sweaty on GeCube's PCB bed

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 7 June 2006, 19:28

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Hot RV530 twins get sweaty on GeCube's PCB bed

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We first saw GeCube's Gemini -- two Radeon X1600s on one PCB -- back at CeBIT this year. It's here at Computex again, but this time refined and finished in a hardware sense, GeCube just waiting on software to get it going and out to market.

The two DMS59 connectors each carry a pair of DVI transmissions, one single-link and one dual-link, from each RV530 GPU, and the cooler is a single-slot heatpipe design. The board's quite big, but not overly so, and GeCube are very excited about how they think it'll do.

More on this one soon in a separate piece, but for now a teaser pic to get you in the mood for some more single-board hot Crossfire action.